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In Memory of

Robert "Bobo" Panichello
In May of 1989 I wandered into The Philadelphia Music Company looking to buy a few packs of strings for my guitar. Almost 4 hours later I walked out headed to work having just met the best friend I would ever have in this world.

Later that summer I began helping Bobo with his DJ gigs. It started out as a way,  he saw for me to make extra money. For me it was a way to spend more time with a friend who had become more like a brother to me. By the fall of 1989 Bobo had me doing DJ gigs on my own. We DJ’d together for the next 16 years. In that time he taught me a lot about how to DJ, and life. For that I am eternally grateful. 

In 2000 my daughter Madison was born, and Bobo agreed to become her Godfather, a role very fitting. He and his wife Alice always treated my kids like they were family. Over the years I grew to love Bobo like he was a brother, an uncle,  a segregate father you could say. He was my best friend, and on June 1 2007 he was taken from us. 

I don’t think a day ever passes I don’t think about Bobo, and I don’t think there is ever a minute that passes that I don’t miss him. I owe him so much. 

Your missed my brother… you are definitely missed.

I Love you Bobo!